Saturday, 13 October 2012

Research ISTD Circus- Themes

Considering ideas for concepts for The Museum of Circus. Ideas around interactive family days out such as the Jorvik Centre in York,  Themed rides at Theme parks such as Alton Towers.  Jorvik is a 'ride' in a carriage on an automated track around a York as it would have been 1000 years ago. As you travel around the Viking-age city of Jorvik aboard state of the art time capsules you will encounter the old-Norse speaking citizens, see inside their houses and back yards, experience a blast of smoke from blacksmith's furnace and enjoy the smell of home-cooked stew inside the home of our amber worker,

Similar to Jorvik is The Charlie and the Chocolate Experience at Alton Towers.  Again a ride around scenes from the book with smells and sounds.

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