Monday, 15 October 2012

Concept development for Circus brief

I think one reason I hesitated doing this brief is probably the very reason ISTD have proposed the theme - how not use the 'obvious' typefaces or create a pastiche.

Computer Arts as if by magic had an article in Opinion by Anna Lisa Reynolds who is a design manager for A Practice for Everyday Life Studio.  Their work includes Design for exhibitions, galleries and museums including the recent V&A Postmodernism: Style and subversion 1970-1990.  She talks about the challenges say of The Bauhaus Exhibition and the Barbican presented.  She talks about creating 'a framework within which a narrative would unfold and those exhibits would sit.  As for most themes like this there is no shortage of visual reference material but therein lies the challenge.: to develop a design for the exhibition that felt appropriate and complementary to both its conents and aims, without veering too far towards pastiche or over-appropriation

She suggests an oblique rather than direct approach.  The exhibition design should complemet but not compete with the work on display.

In addition to this it is an ISTD brief so the emphasis is on Type and layout...

I have explored some of APFEL's exhibition work on my Design context blog.

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