Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Loft Space - Client disappointment

I was already feeling pretty stressed that my idea for keeping Janet's costs as low as possible by screen printing had failed miserably.  I had managed to salvage 35 screen printed hot dog fold books from the    150 plus A2 screen prints.  In addition to screen printing I had not thought through cutting then folding these which took about six hours.  I also looked at others ways of using the 'pages' which had printed well and made these into square double sided mats.  I also digitally printed 30 at a cost of £10.

Janet had anticipated 500 leaflets but received about 75 leaflets so understandably was really disappointed; it didn't matter that I had worked really hard to even get to this point.  I had jeopardised the first couple of weeks of my third year to deliver this and failed miserably.

I did design an A5 leaflet which had the same design aesthetic of the hotdog fold books which she could print on her A4 pr

Harsh lessons learnt:

  • Dont offer a client a service which has not been fully tested (& tested) even if you are not charging for the pleasure!
  • Don't get carried away and be to ambitious
  • Many factors are out of your control:  No tutors available for advice, the vacuum bed may not be available or be broken, the workshop is only open 9 to 5 Mon to Fri
  • Setting three designs on each screen made the pull too hard. Try one at a time, easier to line up second colour
  • Dont be unrealistic with costs just to please your client
  • Never use screen printing for a large volume run EVER again
  • Pick yourself up and carry on
On a positive note:

I actually like the 'feel' of the screen printed leaflet they really say something about The Loft Space beyond a digital design.  
I am also pleased with the design of the leaflets and how it has improved my skills in Indesign/Illustrator to actually turn this around.
I wont avoid going to screen print for a special finish as Ive got to know the new(ish) staff that started last year.  

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