Monday, 8 October 2012

Brief and rationale writing workshops

We considered the ten briefs written over summer in light of the skills, contexts, content and products we wanted to develop/explore.

We defined a mini rationale/position statement  for each brief .  This will provide a standard to which results could be compared to and fed back on.

A......investigation of................. with a focus on............

We also defined why we were going to do the brief

I am going to.....because this will......

We also defined the product,range and method of distribution for each.

Summary of workshop outcomes

Brief one
Develop a Campaign strategy for the branding and promotion of a Creative Hub, The Loft Space

  • Working on a live brief
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Screen printing 
  • Identify recycled paper/ethical sourcing
  • Explore design for print and web
  • Creative Industry in an ethical environment / Local community 

What content will it allow you to explore
  • Creative /business networks in my area/ how they promote themselves
  • Identify opportunities for further live briefs
  • Explore ethical printing & design
  • Screen printing
  • Explore campaigns/seasonal ranges
  • Screen printed products for actual distribution
  • Potential; web/social media design
  • Design a campaign strategy for a twelve month period
  • Branding signage/shop collateral/ labels, packaging
A research based investigation of Creative hubs and Artist studios with a focus on promotion and ethics

Why?  I am going to develop a Branding Strategy and Promotional Campaign for The Loft Space as this allows me to work with a live client and also opens up local networking opportunities

Products:  A set of boards to present the Campaign and Branding strategy to the client
Range:  - Signage, tags, packaging, promotional collateral
Method of distribution: Exploring Print, web and social media based outcomes

Brief two
Extend research on links between culture/design/music/art from 1960's to present day.  Explore most engaging/ inspiring method to communicate the links 

  • Gathering a huge body of facts/statistics and organising into a database
  • Illustrator and/or In design skills development
  • Info graphic
  • App design
  • Explore historical Cultural links will inform practise/  Already have a large amount of research from first and second year/ extend
  • Info graphic or other 
  • Exciting/opportunity to push outcome and experiment
  • Large scale exhibition piece/ Think V&A or similar
  • Research into Design/Culture to inform practise
  • Info graphic or other form to communicate a large body of facts
  • Experimental large scale piece
A research based investigation to explore links between culture and design with a focus on info graphics or exhibition style pieces

Why?  I am going to o pull together a lot of data already gathered and extend this to give me content to explore producing a large scale piece of design.

Products:  Research
Range:  To be defined by research could be Info graphic, books, posters or larger scale piece
Methods of distribution to be defined by research but potentially a Design Museum

Brief 3
The theme of the brief started life from a D&AD 2012 brief about Typo 2011.  I have extended this now to be about Typo 2012.
The content will be based around Typo 2012 The deliverable will be defined following the skills research exploring trans media/interactive/use design. Potential outcomes will be re- branding for the event and proposed conference supporting material (print or interactive as research dictates)

  • Type and layout skills - develop and experiment for print and screen
  • Explore web/mobile technology - may link to App design brief.
  • Potential collaboration
  • Illustrator/in design skills
  • Creative industry/Education
  • Actually attending the Typo conference this year for primary research
  • Research four speakers (designers/typographers) at this years event
  • Maps /layout of the buildings
  • Speaker content - latest developments in Typography and design
  • A re-brand for the event which is appropriate
  • Design boards for suitable digital content
  • Signage/Conference handbook/map if appropriate could be print or screen based
A typographical investigation of Typo 2012 with a focus on innovative technology/trans media

Why?  I am attending this years Typo 2012 where speakers discuss the latest advances in typography and design so it seems appropriate and also provides the content to explore this in a practical sense.

Brief four

What makes a successful App?

Conduct extensive research into the world of Apps including completing an on line e-learning course.  Identify a suitable concept/content to take forward as an App design.

  • Designing an App
  • Greater awareness and understanding of mobile technology 
  • Better understanding of designing for mobile technology
  • Potential storyboards
  • Explore trans media
  • Interactive/user design
  • Potentially get a placement to extend research/understanding
  • Will be driven by the research
  • Potential to link with any of other three briefs but especially brief 3
  • Boards of design proposals for App
  • A body of research 
A skills based investigation of mobile technology design with a focus on communication between developers and designers.

Why?  I am going to explore mobile technology as Design is constantly moving and this is one area I need to understand to provide Branding and promotion across all platforms.

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