Monday, 15 October 2012

Interactive Circus : Disney may have beaten me to it!

I suddenly realised that Disney would probably have a 'themed' ride of some kind and sure enough they have a Dumbo ride.... their target audience is a lot younger than mine and also everything is at the extreme of a pastiche of what a circus is (Cartoon like). Perhaps I need to use this as a basis and do the opposite of how I want my visuals to look?  Something all together more sophisticated more approaching a highend art exhibition than theme park ride.

How my Circus Concept could work

  • I imagine that my Circus experience would be a target audience of all ages, although a family shared experience would be appropriate
  • The experience would not be free so the target audience would have to be be salaried
  • The focus would be on authenticity so real performers would be used throughout (similar to The London dungeons but with better Graphics) 
  • The experience would be both an informative/educational but also hands on
  • It would be like running away to the circus for the day
  • It would differentiate itself from just going to a Circus performance by the historical context and the workshops.
  • There would be a 'parade' of wagons which you could join which take you on a historical journey through Circus of all ages.  With the aid of a 'Ring Master' Visiting the animals, acrobats, fire eating, clowns with all the familiar sites, smells and sounds associated with a Circus Big top. 
  • There could be an opportunity to try workshops/ at some point in the experience to make it interactive.  
  • A Circus themed cafe.

I think rather than being a Museum of Circus it would be more appropriate to name it A Circus Experience/  A day at the Circus/  

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