Thursday, 25 October 2012

Concept crit

I focussed mainly on brief 3, Typo 12 and brief 4, ISTD Circus for the crit.  These are the boards I have prepared:

I asked the following questions and received feedback I received was as follow:

It ws really useful to get feedback actually written on the design sheets, as it was clear what the feedback related to.

The crit itself was really useful as I realised from looking through other people's blogs that my research is very content/product heavy which is a good thing but i need to perhaps strike a balance with visual/contextual research for inspiration design direction.

Liam made a useful observation of having a structure dprogramme of events like at the Royal Armouries.

Basically the feedback about the typefaces has reinforced what I thought ie stay away from the cliches.  I am glad the 'overprint' was quite well received as I want to stick with this.  I am just goiing to experiment with brighter colours

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