Saturday, 12 February 2011

Visual langauge - Book Fair

Some ideas for my hotdog fold books.  Originally I was so saturated in Barney Bubbles that I was thinking of making a Red Pattern book based on the designs of Barney Bubbles. This is the first idea where I copied the design from the Damned Album cover ' Music is for pleasure' in Illustrator.(It was good to revisit the illustrator pen tool!)

We had a group progress crit on Tuesday 8th Feb which was useful as everyone else has found it hard to focus on this brief given we are so near a module deadline and have just had a final crit for the last brief! I was relieved to see that everyone in my group had moved away from the photographs we originally took and it was interesting to hear other people's ideas. 
On reflection I realised that I was overlooking my drawing skills and although I planned to screen print this to get a hand made quality it would still look 'digital'. 

So I started again by brainstorming what objects are red and using my photos from earlier came up with some ideas for illustrations.  A while ago I bought some wooden letter stamps so I also experimented with these.  The effect is really pleasing and also will be commercially appealing .  As below:

These designs also look more effective on Brown paper and a fantastic result for this brief, in terms of I need to reproduce this for ten books, is that  the illustrations scan in and print off really well.  I experimented printing off on brown paper on my Inkjet printer and it works like a dream.

I have been inspired by by the work of Linda Zaks and am planning to experiment with an idea based around spashed paint and cutting out letters as below:

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