Sunday, 20 February 2011

Book works -Further illustrations and ideas

Development of layout
First layout

Brown paper trial

Further illustrations

I wanted there to be an added twist to the book so looked at some play on words with the word red such as 'Spot the odd one out' red doodles, count the doodles What black and white and red all over.

Then it hit me Spot the red herring!  As I had used the word 'RED' printed on all the objects a really neat idea was to print the word 'GREEN' in red to see if anyone spotted it.  A further twist was to do this with an apple as apples can be red or green

After the progress crit I decided to experiment with different stock.  I had some 160 gram white card which worked weight wise.  The folds were clean and the hotdog book unfolded well.  I wanted the book to have some texture (like the bwon paper) so i went to an art shop and looked at a variety of paper.  I considered cartridge paper however I found some Canford paper which was 160 gram.  The paper looked matt, had  texture and could be used with inkjet printers.  There was a variety of colours to chose from although I liked the China White.  The offwhite offset the red well. 

I managed to use the brown paper on the belly band.  I added the belly band to asked the question Spot the red herring.  I used my stamps to hand print these.

Once I had scanned the illustrations in I used photoshop to make the red more vibrant and also to clean the scan up.  I used the magic wand to pick up the grey.

Final layout

As a final touch I had leked the idea of the red inner so to extend the design i included the image below.  I worked on this in photoshop.

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