Monday, 7 February 2011

Collection 100 - Progress crit actions

I received the following feedback from Amber and Jo at the feedback crit:

Good body of work

Speed up the opening sequence 

Review brief and think about who my target audience is.

Jo felt this could have been a whole series! 

After seeing the dvd She felt I could include more 2d representations of BB's work.  Noted I was going to include the bubble poster however felt should display his work 2d as well.

Following the crit I worked on the 100 Barney Bubbles poster to include in the package but taking on board the feedback I also included on the reverse pictures of some of BB's work.  I felt it important to detail the artist, album and dates with these pictures.  The plan is to print this square to fold up into the single record sleeve.

In addition after reviewing the DVD over the weekend I have also changed the timing of some sequences not only the one Jo suggested but also slowed a couple of images down.  I have also made the text bold and changed the font size from 36 to 50.  The reason for this is I was struggling to read the writing on the light show scenes and I knew what it said!

The whole seqeunce now seems to flow better than before.

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