Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Final crit - follow up in Final Cut express

 This is a screen print of the final cut browser window showing the sequences I have created.  I am actually editing some crawling text which you can see in the first screen.  the second screen is to watch the video back.
The red line indicates this screen needs rastorizing.  To do this select Sequence from th menu then rastorise all.

Following the feedback from the final crit regarding the font , I have asked a number of people to review the video. Overall the only part of text that is difficult to read is when the light show images are changing colour in the background and the text is crawling at the bottom.

I asked Mike Flower's advise about maybe improving the font and text.  He advised that the font I had chosen, given it was san serif and bold, was actually one he would recommend for video.  The only way I could improve is to have the text still rather than moving however I wanted to create the feeling of that psychedelic time.  I like the fact the words and image reinforce the message together.  He also said it is not always best to use bright white on a black background and instead to use a slightly grey white in video.

Overall I am happy with the finished piece so I am not going to edit the text.

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