Sunday, 13 February 2011

100 collection - Ideas for further development

I discussed with Jo and Amber the possibility of extending this work.  I have enough research to make this a box set of maybe five designers/photographers involved in album cover design which link to each other, these links could be demonstrated using one map. With more time I would have added:

Hipgnosis (Linked through sixties counter culture and mutual admiration)
Peter Saville
Malcolm Garrett
Keith Morris

I like the look and feel of single box sets, these are some we own:

The product would make more of a stamp and would be of wider appeal to more graphic designers and record collectors. 

In addition I was talking about the period in history the events were occurring such as MTV starting in 1981 and the fact the Apple was developed two year after Barney died IE to emphasis the hand rendered quality of all Barney's work.  Jo suggested I could have added these to my Bubble picture.  I think this is a good idea as although I have thoroughly researched the context of this period I have not put that across as much as I could have in the work.  I had actually started doing this on the original mapping of the links between album covers however this got forgotten moving forward.  In future I will remember to check back over previous ideas so anything relevant is not forgotten.

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