Friday, 4 February 2011

Collection 100 - Preparing the images for the Moving Image

The next step was preparing all the image files to import into Final Cut Express.  The story board was really useful as it helped me sequence the images.  I used Photoshop to prep the files.  The simplest way to ensure they were all a fixed 720x576 pixels was to create a blank file that size. The various images were then copied into the this file before I edited them as appropriate.  At this stage I wanted the flexibility to change the timings of various frames so I ordered different frames in files as follows.  this proved really helpful in final cut as I was able to make a separate sequence for each file and edit as appropriate.

Moving LP - Introducing Colin Fulcher
Oz ad
Psychedelic - Lights shows, 307 Portobello Rd, Teenburger
Stiff records
Your generation - moving single
Elvis Costello
Last LPs
Tears - Barney dies

I only had Quick player not Final Cut at home so by sequentially numbering each file in folders as above meant I was able to see if the 'animation' was working and also experiment with timings.

This whole process was very time consuming and in the end I prepared 658 images in Photoshop.

Here are some examples of the type of editing I did to create the flow and movement.  The whole process became quite organic and I seemed to get more interesting ideas on how to move from one image to another as I got into it.  

Initially I had hoped to make the whole clip just sound and image without any text however there are very few images of Barney life before college.  

I felt a story needed to be told to introduce Barney as Colin.  I added some text in final cut which was moving text.  One of the hardest pieces of imagery to find was his design or Bulmer's strong bow Norman Archer.  I could have scanned one from the Reason's o be cheerful however it was really small.  I actually found some beermats for sale on e-bay and luckily one was the original design from the sixties.

I used free transform and warp to good effect several times to create the effect the posters were being pasted up or being taken down

These are examples of changing opacity on layers.

Some of the images just naturally lent themselves to movement.  This was just waiting to open like curtains.

 The records were easy to rotate using the free transform tool and adjusting the angle of the image.

This image was one of the organic ones,  the NME logo was already cut to this shape.

This Light show advert took some finding in the International times online archives.  I knew from my CTS essay research that Barney would have done light shows which could have been advertised in IT or OZ however the archives for OZ are not as extensive.  The fact this is Barney doing a Light show for an OZ mag benefit gig is actually a nice coincidence since he had recently done a poster for them.  It provided a nice link from Colin Fulcher to him becoming Barney Bubbles.

I achieved the colour change on the light show sequences by using the mask for hue and saturation that we had learnt from Simon on the Photoshop workshop.  By playing about with the hue and saturation I was able to achieve this interesting effect very simply.

The sound files were all edited in Cubase to exact timings worked out when the whole piece was pulled together in Final cut.  I did in fact need to edit how some sequences flowed into each other especially either side of the video clip.  James showed me how to phase the video and sound in and out in Final Cut.

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