Saturday, 5 February 2011

Collection 100 - Preparation for Barney Bubbles poster

I was armed with all the facts, images and people involved in Barney Bubbles life however I needed some kind of order to these to create the bubbles along a timeline.  Also I wanted each Bubble's size to represent the length of time so for example he became known as Barney Bubbles after doing the Light shows in 1967 so this was 16 years until he died.  I worked out by designing the poster in Photoshop if I used 59 cm by 59cm each year could be represented by 1cm.  

I also decided the people/bands who had continued to remember or were inspired by Barney, their bubbles would start from that date and continue to the present.  This meant some bubbles were partly off screen.  The effect was aesthetically pleasing to the eye and also gave a sense of how one bubble or man's influence could multiply and impact on many.

I put all the facts/images over time in a spreadsheet to provide a 'guide' for making the bubble poster.  It also helped to create 'categories and sub-categories of information as these could then help me decide which bubbles linked together:

In order to include some of his work in a 2-d format I included numbered bubbles which linked to the back of the poster.  These were images of the album covers/posters and included extra information including the date of release, album name, band and record label as appropriate.  I felt this also reinforced the images in the Moving image.

CategorySub-categorySub-categoryCategoryYearTo yearNo of years      Comments
Colin FulcherBorn
Colin FulcherWhitton1942195715
Colin FulcherTwickenham college195719635
Colin FulcherMet lifelong friend David Wills1957201154A1 good guyz
Colin FulcherWon Best British Poster196419641
Colin FulcherMichael Tucker & Assoc.196319652
Colin FulcherConran Design196519683
Colin FulcherDesigned Norman Archer for Strongbow196619661
Colin FulcherSet up the A1 good Guyz196519682Twickenham
Colin FulcherJohn Mudderidge19661970Teen burger
Barney BubblesWent to Pink Floyd gig at UFO19671967
Barney BubblesBarney Bubbles Light shows at Middle earth & UFO19671968
Barney BubblesOZ1219681968
Barney BubblesKeith Morris19681983
Barney BubblesSan Francisco1968
Barney BubblesStanley Mouse1968
Barney Bubbles307 Portobello Rd19681970
Barney Bubbles307 Portobello RdTeenburger Designs19681970
Barney Bubbles307 Portobello RdJohn Mudderidge1968
Barney Bubbles307 Portobello RdVertigoGracious1970
Barney Bubbles307 Portobello RdVertigoBrinsley Schwarz1970
Barney Bubbles307 Portobello RdVertigoMet Dave Robinson 1970Stiff
Barney Bubbles307 Portobello RdVertigoNick lowe 1970Stiff
Barney Bubbles307 Portobello RdVertigoJake Riviera1970Stiff
Barney Bubbles307 Portobello RdFriends/Frendz1970
Barney Bubbles307 Portobello RdFriends/FrendzArt Director1971
Barney Bubbles307 Portobello RdFriends/FrendzMet Nik Turner 1971Hawkwind
Barney Bubbles307 Portobello RdFriends/FrendzRobert Calvert1971
Barney Bubbles307 Portobello RdFriends/FrendzDave Brock1971
Barney Bubbles307 Portobello RdFriends/FrendzPhil Franks1971Photographer
Barney Bubbles308 Portobello RdFriends/FrendzDoug Smith1971Manager
Barney Bubbles307 Portobello RdFriends/FrendzPennie Smith1971Photographer
Barney BubblesGlastonbury Fayre1972
Barney BubblesHawkwind1971
Barney BubblesHawkwindX In search of space1971Malcom garrett
Barney BubblesHawkwindDoremi Fasol Latido1972
Barney BubblesHawkwindSpace Rock  Ritual tour1972
Barney BubblesHawkwindSpace Rock  Ritual album1973
Barney BubblesHawkwindLove & peace1974
Barney BubblesHawkwind1999 party poster1974
Barney BubblesHawkwindRoadhawks1976
Barney BubblesHawkwindAstounding sounds1976
Barney BubblesIreland1976
Barney BubblesSteve JouleGave him first brief a Blondie programme1976
Barney BubblesIan Dury1977
Barney BubblesStiff recordsIan DuryDo it yourself1979
Barney BubblesStiff recordsThe DamnedMusic is for pleasure1977
Barney BubblesStiff recordsMet Chris Gabrin1977Photographer
Barney BubblesMet Brian Griffin1978
Barney BubblesElvis Costello1978
Barney BubblesRadar RecordsElvis CostelloArmed forces1979
Barney BubblesBazooka Graphics1979
Barney BubblesRadar logoRadar19781981
Barney BubblesMalcolm Garrett1978
Barney BubblesNmeNew layout/logo1978
Barney BubblesF-beatElvis CostelloGet happy1980
Barney BubblesJohn Pasche (Chrysler)1977
Barney BubblesGeneration x Your generation1979
Barney BubblesFbeat1979
Barney BubblesFurniture1981
Barney BubblesThe faceInterview1981
Barney BubblesVideo directingSqueezeTempted1981
Barney BubblesThe SpecialsGhostown1981
Barney BubblesPeter Jenner1981
Barney BubblesBilly Bragg1983
Barney BubblesRed Wedge1984
Barney BubblesDied1983
Barney BubblesPseudonymsBig Jobs Inc
Barney BubblesGrove Park
Barney BubblesSal Forlenza
Barney BubblesJacuzzi Stallion
Barney BubblesDag
Barney BubblesHeeps Willard
Barney BubblesInspired Neville Brody
Barney BubblesRebecca & Mike
Barney BubblesJohn Coulthart
Barney BubblesArt chantry

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