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Barney Bubbles - the video has been spotted and some positive feedback

The internet is amazing!  The video has been linked to Facebook and the Barney Bubbles blog independently.  I have also had some postive feedback which has made the long hours pulling this together very worthwhile!  The Barney bubbles blog, as detailed below, has even linked my Blog and mentioned my name and Leeds College of Art.

Facebook link!/BarneyBubblesDesigns?v=wall

There were three separate posts picked up independantly from Vimeo:

Post 1

Ian Dury (and the Blockheads) Some nice references to ID in this 100-second DVD tribute to Barney Bubbles by Lisa Whitaker, who studies graphics at Leeds College of Art.

For the sleeve artwork that accompanies Lisa's DVD see the Barney Bubbles page -
Elvis Costello, Ian Dury, The Specials, Hawkwind and more!
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Lars Marcussen Ian Dury - such a fantastic artist and person too i gather
Saturday at 12:16 ·

Lisa Whitaker This is the front

Barney Bubbles Love this project Lisa - it deserves a distinction!
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Lisa Whitaker That comment will definately be on my Blog! Cheers
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 Post 2
A fabulous 100-second video from graphics student Lisa Whitaker on the life of Barney Bubbles - some great BB imagery, plus sound from Hawkwind and Elvis Costello ...

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John Clifford Genius !
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Lisa Whitaker Wow I can't believe that my video has reached so many people already. Thanks for your kind words...This is bound to earn me brownie points!

Post 3 on liked

Paul Gorman Barney Bubbles Inside Out in 100 seconds:

This 100-second career resume has been created by Lisa Whitaker, who is currently studying graphics at Leeds College of Art.

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Lisa Whitaker Hope you enjoy the video, I have also created a poster which is part of the 'package' which I will attach. Thanks for adding this for me I was just about to do it!
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This is the link to the Barney Bubbles blog, again Paul Gorman oicked this up independantly:

Barney Bubbles

Barney Bubbles Inside Out in 100 seconds

Barney Bubbles Inside out from Lisa Whitaker on Vimeo.
This 100-second career resume has been created by Lisa Whitaker, who is currently studying graphics at Leeds College of Art.
The DVD – housed in an “inside-out” sleeve and accompanied by a poster – came out of a course brief for a collection of 100 design objects in which she compiled album sleeves, including Bubbles’ design for Imperial Bedroom by Elvis Costello And The Attractions.
“I am fascinated by this talented man and his links to other creative people,” says Whitaker. “My moving image piece Barney Bubbles Inside Out pulls together the research and is aimed at graphic designers, record collectors and music lovers as a way of spreading the word about inspirational figure.”
Whitaker’s backgrounder on the project is here.
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2 Responses to “Barney Bubbles Inside Out in 100 seconds”

  1. Will Birch Says:
    A bit like the ‘London to Brighton in four minutes’ film, but with better scenery. It gave me goosebumps. Love it.
  2. Lisa Whitaker Says:
    Thanks for putting my video on the Barney bubbles website… I am already starting to get feedback which is great as the brief is not due in until next Wednesday. This is a massive step for me as I have only been using Final Cut and moving image for two weeks!
    I have added the poster I designed on Facebook if you would like to use this as well?
    All the research I have carried out is actually on my Design Research blog which is
    Thanks againLisa
I also received this comment on Vimeo

Ro Diddly 6 days ago Delete
great to know that more people are loving Barney!
what a genuis
your video was pretty cool too!
hope you dont mind me using it as an intro for my presentation on Mr Bubbles 2morrow!
I did send him a message to see what his presentation was for however did not receive a response.

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