Friday, 4 February 2011

100 Collection - Paul Gorman author of BB book

The Barney Bubbles website led me to the Barney Bubbles facebook page.  Paul Gorman had added the Reason to be cheerful book to the website.  I added a comment about how interesting the book was and that it had joined the dots on my research.  The author, Paul Gorman actually responded!  He thanked me for my kind words as below:
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    • Lisa Whitaker Just finished reading your beautiful book, it has helped me join the dots on my own research thank you
      28 January at 20:06 ·

    • Paul Gorman Thank you very much for your kind words and glad it is of help. What research are you undertaking?
      29 January at 11:11 · ·

    • Lisa Whitaker
      29 January at 15:14 · · 1 personLoading...

      As mentioned below I am studying Graphic Design at Leeds College of Art. The latest brief has been collection 100, mine was 100 album covers, which led me to the Elvis Costello album Imperial Bedroom. The outcome of the brief has to include a product and package. I am fascinated by this talented man and all the links to other creative people. So I am making a 100 second moving image piece which pulls together the research. I plan to package this in a 7 inch single 'inside' sleeve and call ithe dvd 'Baney Bubbles Inside out'. The whole piece is really aimed at educating my fellow students on the inspirational Barney Bubbles. (Your book gets a mention too!)See more

    • Paul Gorman Look forward to seeing the result...
      30 January at 18:23 · ·

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