Monday, 27 February 2012

Workshop - YCN brief selection & analysis

The first half of the workshops was spent looking at the briefs we had each chosen and discussing the merits of each.

We are asked, as a pair, to pick two briefs that we liked and one that we didn't.  Kirsty and I brought along a  selection of different briefs that we personally liked/ disliked As we looked through our selection it was obvious Kirsty and I were targeting two in particular.

The two briefs we liked were the Heinz Salad cream and the Marks and Spencers brief and we didnt like was the SEGA brief. 

Five reasons we like:

Heinz Salad Cream

- we both could connect with the subject, as we both liked salad cream.
- There was an open outcome, which gaves us the opportunity to think digital or print based outcomes.
- The brief is light hearted and fun.
- The research will be interesting and fun to do, there are lots of Heinz campaigns we can look at.
- It will be a challenge because we will have to make the brand appeal to a younger target audience.

Marks and Spencers

-A broad target audience means we can choose who we target at.
- Comfort with considerations like colour.
- Interesting to research the M&S food.
- Design development for the final outcome will be interesting.
- Can relate to it and already start to come up with ideas.

Five reasons we dont like:

SEGA (The brief we dont like)

- The subject which is sport and football.
- Neither of us have a connection or relation to the subject matter.
- Never played a SEGA football manager game.
- Would be challenging to become interested in researching the topic and hard to get motivated.
- No relevance to how we want to develop as Graphic Designers.

The brief chosen was the Heinz Salad Cream brief
Five outcomes of the brief:

- Create a creative campaign.
- Get the young eating Heinz Salad Cream again.
- Associate salad cream with other 'popular' foods.
- Make the message upbeat/ fun.
- Generate excitement. 

Five Problems we thought we were being asked to solve:

- How to raise the profile of salad cream above other dressings and sauces.
- How to modernise a heritage brand.
- How to re- engage consumers to remind them of the great taste.
- How to embed new eating behaviours for salad cream.
- Make the campaign fun and upbeat, with a memorable message.

After choosing our brief we were asked to consider how open it actually was. We were given four categories to consider, of which we had to pick five points out of the brief for each one:

Content subject

- Heinz
- Salad cream
- Food values
- Taste
- Modernity (hip)

Media distribution

- Campaign
- New media/ interactive website
- Traditional media
- TV and radio commercials
- Posters

Audience context

- Fun
- 18-29 year old adults
- Sociable
- Food lovers
- Young

Product deliverables

- Name
- New product ideas
- Packaging
- 'A campaign'
- Digital media

In Freds words 'every brief offers you the opportunity to produce a rubbish outcome'

The nest step is to rewrite the brief and The Concept statement.
- What problems are we really being asked to solve?

Why has this brief been set?

Understand the product/ interpret problems.

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