Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Top ten final submission

The 10 second idents would be best ran as a set with the 'complete' run though of albums/designers  preceding the ones with just two albums/designers on.  With the Andy Warhol and Peter Corriston one this is a distinct period ie the 70's and would be aimed at people 40 plus in the first instance so would be shown before say a music culture programme about the sixties aor seventies.  The other with Pennie Smith and Futura 2000 is coming more 80's to 90's.  This has the 'cool' factor as Futura is an iconic figure now endorsing 'cool' labels but back in the day was a Graffiti artists and worked at Mo Wax with Ben Drury.  This would appeal to  a 25-50 year old audience.

Final evaluation of After effects and the outcome

Overall I have learned lots of new skills both through the Mac tutorials and Lorraine but also from online tutorials.  I feel comfortable with After Effects which was assisted by having a methodical filing system for all my files and assets.  This proved really important when I decided to start nesting compositions and reusing compositions to create 3 d layers and use cameras.

The final outcome could have been improved if I had storyboarded the whole sequence.  Although I was clear about the each individual album composition and even how they would link I had not thought through how it would end in terms of titles nor what typeface to use.  I think this is evident in the final piece.  

The ten second sequences were strengthened by the fact I had managed to reproduce a similar BBC4 End board.  This provides a clear brand identity for the Channel.

Initially I had considered producing quite a 'vectored' piece however when Fred briefed us early on he said to consider using found materials to add texture.  This was one reason I decided to scan actual album covers , where I had them.  I now think this adds to the general tone of voice rather than looking 'twee'.

Although I am disappointed I had neither the time nor the inclination to produce some storyboards I do think it would have been extremely time consuming to produce them for my piece.  The reason being once I had chosen the music it was important to ensure the moving image flowed and was timed to fit with the music.  To storyboard this I would have had to markout each beat frame by frame.  As it was I was able to mark the beats in after Effects and 'animate' accordingly.

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