Friday, 3 February 2012

BBC4 end boards

Need to work out how to recreate this - Very quickly!  Sure there must be a tool in After Effects.

I started off by trying to create a segment in Illustrator and applying a gradient to the segment imagining it may be able to be animated however this was not working.

 After I found out this visual was called a wipe I then investigated 'wipe' in the After Effects menu and found them under Effects, transition.  There is a 'Radial wipe'.  This created the wipe however it looked quite flat so I started experimenting with other effects such CC light rays,CC Spot light, CC light sweep and Radial Shadow until I created the effect I wanted.

However I still had not created all the 'rays' so I experimented with laying over the effect from a Photoshop image as follows:

This did not work as it was too static.
Then I had a brain wave by copying and placing the first effects layer at six degree angles until I had made 90 degrees almost created the effect I was after:

From research I found the BBC used Gill Sans and the length of the End Board was about 4 seconds.  I also found a copy of the BBC four logo.  
I added the text and Jpg and applied the same radial wipe effect to these

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