Saturday, 4 February 2012

Last ten seconds development

I like the effect Vinyl Love achieved which was to move the original piece to the side of the screen and overwrite using the titles. One part of the feedback from the Crit from those that had not heard of the bands/music just thought it was a top ten about music.  They had not picked up on the Designers names I had added to the album covers.  Also I knew the current ending needed work as it was just a last minute idea to get the moving image finished for the Crit.

I started the Top Ten development process envisioning I could plot and animate the links and between the designers on a 'underground' style map.  After I had transferred the album covers into 3d I felt I was starting to achieve a 'walk' through the album covers.  By reversing this segment it reinforced this 'journey' through Ten Graphic designers and albums and also presented an opportunity to add the titles.

Feeling more confident with Cameras and nested compositions.  I nested the original sequence into a new composition then copied this again.  I tried to reverse the motion using time/time reverse layer but After effects would not then speed this layer up.

I looked into how to use the enable time remapping.  As we had looked at graphs with Mike I felt this was possible.  After some experiments I did work out how to reverse and speed 47 seconds and into ten seconds.

This is an image of the time remapping graph.

I found a free download of a record scratch on line on

I also added motion bur to this segment to enhance the 'speed'

In my crit group I had asked their advice about the titles and the verdict was that they needed to be kept really simple.

I had not realised until I had rendered this because I had the screen set up as two view I was not seeing the full screen when I set up the title sequence!

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