Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Final Crit

At this stage I had reworked my 60 second ident to include 3d layers and cameras but had not yet started the 10 second idents however I had planned to get to this stage so was quite pleased.

 On seeing the others work in the group I was disappointed that had not worked on storyboards off screen more but I had just ran out of time - The group was Kirsty F, Emily, James, Eddie, Sarah and Liam.

I am actually really enjoying the crits as it is great to see how people are progressing and also how diverse the approaches to this brief have been.  The approach of actually leaving your own questions was a definite improvement as it meant the crit was more directed.  Its sometimes easy to focus on what a person has not achieved yet rather than helping them improved what is actually there. 

I have actioned most of the areas for improvement such as 

  • improving readability of text on certain Graphic designers, 
  • considering the amount of white space (by adding a Vignette),
  • the black Sarah referred to is a supposed to represent the thunder and lightening on the PetShop Boys track.  I dont think they could hear the track properly in the studio.  
  • One pair did not pick up the Graphic designers names and one pair did... I think it depends on the audience.  the pair that did not pick up the names did not know the albums/music whereas the others did.  My audience will be Music lovers/deign/art lovers so I dont think this is a major issue other than making some more readable.

The actions to the crit are documented in the After effects development blog

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