Monday, 14 March 2011

Ten photographs to print

As the photographs from the second shoot were so much better than the first I decided to just use these.  

Reasons for the top ten:

I chose the first photograph because I like the way the purple filter has created a green shadow.

The second is simply because the graduated purple filter is a really pleasing effect.

The third photo of the camera although slightly out of focus was created using a purple filter but keeping the flash on.  The bright white offsets the purple beautifully.

I like the vibrancy of the orange flower an effect I think achieved because of the offset with the purple filter.  I also like the form of the single flower I have managed to frame successfully

Photos 5 and 6 of the flowers are strong because the light filtering though the flowers really defines the petals.  The first is with a purple filter the second is just the tungsten light. 

Photos 7,8,9 and 10 of candle holders worked particularly well as I could play around with different form and shapes which also created interesting shadows.   Photo 7 was created using a red filter but taken with the flash on. Photo 8 was taken using a yellow filter, the purple shadow is really strong. Photos 9 and 10 used blue and Orange filters respectively.  I chose 9 because I like the way the photograph has framed mainly the shadow with only a suggestion of the first ball. 

Overall this photo shoot was much more successful for the following reasons:

  • I was more relaxed and played about with the camera functions
  • I chose the objects with more care so the photographs are more aesthetically pleasing
  • Working in a group always helps as we fed off each other's ideas.

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