Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Communication is a virus -book and flyers, screen printing

Sarah and I were hoping to get some screen printing prepared on Wednesday after our screen print induction however Dom and Matt did not come in.  Thursday was then spent developing designs for Hot dog fold books, flyers and posters.  I managed to clean and prepare two A2 screens on Friday.  Dom and Matt were working on the final designs for the Hot dog fold books and flyers .  
The feedback from the crit had been a suggestion to hold the day on Tuesday instead of Wednesday.  We discussed this later as a group.  Matt and Dom were keen on taking Jo's advise.  I had a few reservations even though DoDay Tuesday had more of a ring to it.  The reservations were chiefly around TIME:
  • We had planned to have everything printed by now so we could start spreading the word about DODAY over the weekend however this had not been possible.  
  • Reworking the designs to accommodate the new date was not a big deal( we acknowledged loss of the stickers with the wrong date on).
  • Wednesday was better as we had nothing timetabled whereas we had to work around visual language and Richard Miles tutorials on the Tuesday.  this would mean he majority of distribution would not be until Tuesday afternoon
  • Also  Monday morning no finished designs!  Sarah and I spent the morning cutting paper and card.  Finally started screen printing Monday at 1.45.  The hot dog fold books needed folding that evening, I did 12 and Sarah did 50! 

First edition DODAY book

Colour /letter trials

Posters, flyers and posters redesigned for Tuesday

Matt designed the Flyers above which although aesthetically pleasing had two serious omissions!  The date and also any kind of link.  Matt was reluctant o include as he said it ruined he design.  I convinced him to include the date and came up with the idea of replacing the small DODAy logo on the back with the date which tied in nicely with the back of the hotdog fold book. (As below)

 Dom redesigned the DODAY book which included a simple poster to include on the inside.  Alsofollowing the crit we also included an introduction on the second page which was the same as the one on Facebook.

Screen printing

Sarah got card from work

We bought A1 brown paper and the free card to keep costs down however we did have to spend a couple of hours cutting it all down to the correct size - possibly a false economy?

The screen printing on corrugated card was not as successful as we had hoped.  We could not print on the vacuum beds so the screen kept sucking onto the card which was too absorbment. ( I proved this by trying to print on newspaper print as below to clean the screen.  Caroline had suggested the acrylic paint may be drying on the screen . The print was perfect as below however the next print on the card smudged, as above).  Also we had not printed any guide marks on the postive so it was difficult to line up the double sided prints (even more so as the card was all different sizes!) You live and learn!  We will test the card, print guide marks and size the stock correctly next time.

We even left our mark in screen printing!

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