Sunday, 6 March 2011

Opposites - development following crit

The screen printing on Thursday was really enjoyable and the outcome below was really aesthetically pleasing; however it some what interrupted the design process as I had spent Wednesday designing both for the brief and the screen print workshop.  As a result the outcome did not meet either perfectly. 

In the crit it was interesting to see how much work the group had achieved in a small space of time.  I stiil had not decided on the final outcome as although the orange and blue screen print worked visually it did not fully answer the brief,  I liked the magnet idea however did not feel my software skills were strong enough to execute it well enough.  The crit was really useful particularly one comment from Jo.  She said think about how the colours are opposite.  Also she said to try the pattern posters without the word opposite, so the poster was not telling the audience the whole message too obviously. 
I expressed the opinion that the brief ouctome had a duel purpose which had some what confused the target audience and also the form ie both a poster and for a book.  She said there was no reson the competition sumission could note a 'poster' 

I really puzzled over how to define how the complementary colours are different. As I was looking at the Colour picker it occured to me the Hex numbers define the colours.  So I played about with these.   The natural shape for the six complementary colours is an hexagon.  This fited neatly with the Hex number. 

 Also the CMYK % also define the colour, so following the Hex number idea I created the CMYK in the hexagon shape

 For the third poster I thought about doing something with RGB however it occurred to me that one key message to communicate about complementary's is that they mahe each other pop.  So using the hexagon shape once again I tried the word POP.  I then experimented with ways of trying to make the layout 'pop' which evolved into the final image.

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