Friday, 18 March 2011

DO DAY - Spreading the word.

We had discussed options for which day would be best.  We agreed on Wednesday 23rd March for the following reasons:

1.  It would give us 7 days to spread the word and hopefully get people to make suggestions for new things to try.
2.  We hoped to get the cardboard flyers printed out and distributed ready for Saturday so we hit a different audience perhaps than the one in leeds during the week.
3. Wednesday had no timetabled sessions so it gave us plenty of time to actually make this go live.
4.  As the presentation was on friday it gave us Thursday to evaluate, and bring together what we had learned from this process.  Also time to prepare a presentation.

Once we had a logo and the date we set up the Facebook group and event on Facebook.  We also set up a Tweeter page.  the idea being to engage with people straight away and start throwing out suggestions for 'new' things for people to try.  

We also wanted the people who read the hot dog fold books and flyers up an opportunity to share their experiences with the Event.  We recognised that not everybody would have Facebook and Tweeter accounts so considered other possibilities:

1 including a stamped address envelope (dismissed as too expensive)
2 include college address ( unlikely people would spend money to post).
3 An email address to contact.
4 A survey to complete online.

We went with options 3 and 4 as although we could not reach everyone we felt these were the most cost effective and efficient methods.

Dom and Matt worked on poster,flyers and stickers design ideas whilst Sarah and I developed the hotdog fold book.

Hotdog fold book development

We decided to keep the same 10x10 com square shape so the campaign a a common theme.

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