Monday, 7 March 2011

Indesign workshop brief

The randomiser put me with Chris Lawson which was good as he is one person I have only had a brief conversation with about his Collection 100 guitar brief.

A summary of the conversation we had:

From leeds, living in leeds in family home.
Did geography, Graphic Product, Computing and Gen St A levels.

Got on Graphic Design ND at LAC (last minute decision after a level results.)

Gave him direction

Likes music, self taught guitar since 14 years old.  His dad plays rhythm guitar ad was in a Punk band in the eighties.  Likes The Clash through his dad.  Wished Joe Strummer had not died so young as would have liked them to reform.

Influenced by Metallica however prefers Indie now, Arctic Monkies, Arcade Fire.  Went to Leedsfest last summer, Saw pendulum, GnR best was Blink 182.

Aspires to own a Guitar collection.

Works part time at Oulton Hall Hotel De Vere 4*.  Works in Events team which includes serving at weddings, setting up rooms for weddings, events and conferences.  Real eye for details, likes everything perfect however was worse when he was younger.

Likes Sans Serif fonts, Helvetica used Futura most recently  

Prefers subtle use of colour, favourite is B&W with spot colour.  Likes using tints of same colour.

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