Thursday, 24 March 2011

Preparation for presentation - Communication is a virus


1.  Re-design Concept, Content and deliver boards

Concept - DO DAY Tuesday the day to do something new.

Content - Suggest people try something new - Recognise new id different to every individual.  The little things in life can make a big difference.  Create event page on Facebook so people can share what they do. This is one motivation for doing it.

Method of delivery - Digital- Email, Facebook, Twitter, Online survey
                               On the day - Hotdog fold books, Posters, cardboard flyers, beer mats,s tickers and badges.

2.  Need to get results from Stuck in a rut survey

3. Record how we felt when we tried something new

4.  Screen shots of Facebook and Tweeter, survey 

5. Copy of email 

6. Maybe pass some hotdog fold/leaflets / badges round in presentation?

7.How to present ? and who?

8.Tone of voice - spontaneous and graphivcally raw

9. Considerations - Should be have set the Facebook event up nearer Do DAy?

10.  The Future-  Not a regular routine weekly or monthly event as could become a chore.  Aim to set DO DAY when their feels like a 'need' i.e. gloomy days, rainy days, bad news days, 

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