Monday, 14 March 2011

Communication is a virus - idea development - Logo

Spring seemed a good idea on Tuesday as the sun was out and the primroses near Millenium square looked beautiful however the weather took a turn for the worse on Wednesday.  Fog and persistent drizzle!  So decide perhaps this theme could not be trusted as there are no guarantees what the weather will be on the 23rd (Also don't think Matt and Dom quite get the flower idea?)

Dom came up with a really simple strap line and logo  - DO DAY which the whole group liked.  We all agreed the Cooper Black Italic font suited the day.

The audience had now broadened from the original 30-50 working professional to include anyone we could engage with the idea of "Do Day'.

The initial logo which Dom deigned is below:

The stock we agreed on using for the flyers was corrugated cardboard.  We thought this would give a more handcrafted appearance which would engage as it is not just another card/paper flyer.  We all liked the white however this would only be possible for anything screen printed so we experimented with other colour combinations.

I designed some logos around this theme.  We are planning to screen print these on 10x10 cm square cardboard.

I like the idea of using yellow purely due to its connotations to sunshine which we could all do with at the moment!

After the screen printing day Sarah and I were discussing the possibility of also using hot dog fold books.  The stock to use would be brown paper (cheap and in keeping with the cardboard theme).  This would also fit with the two colours plus stock criteria laid down in the brief.  We discussed the idea with Dom and Matt who liked the idea as we could include more information about the day and it opened up the places we could leave these around Leeds ie coffee shops , Art galleries.   

The colour test through the Laser printer using the brown paper as below:

The Yellow was the weakest, Do Day was almost unreadable.  I liked the green and red best.  As a group we agreed red was probably the most eye catching.  I liked the lower case letters best however the Capital letters had more impact so as a group we agreed to go forward with Capitals.

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