Thursday, 24 May 2012

YCN collaboration evaluation

My collaboration was with Kirsty Hardingham. Kirsty was an enthusiastic partner from day one and open to which brief we went ahead with.  Fortunately we were both gravitating towards the Heinz Salad Cream brief.  The brief struck us as one that we could have some fun with and also as a ‘campaign’ style brief the outcomes could be both print and/or digital.

Our roles

We settled into definite roles within our partnership quite naturally - My role was Concept development/Project manager where as Kirsty was responsible for designing and producing practical outcomes such as the posters, website and chip cone.
The benefits of collaboration

Kirsty has much stronger Illustrator skills than me so she concentrated on producing a lot of the art work where as I focussed on the After Effects moving image and the Indesign boards.  In this respect we complimented each other well.  We were also able to bounce ideas of each other which strengthened the outcomes.   

Certain tasks were better executed in collaboration such as the photoshoot which we did with Jenny Sneap from Vis Com.  We needed several pairs of hands to get the photographs we needed.   
The disadvantages of collaboration

The only frustration from my point of view was that she did not come to two of the early crits/ workshops which meant the tone of voice of the campaign was initially directed by me.  I was concerned about this as I wanted the brief to be as collaborative as possible.  I also had to address the problem of  managing the situation without creating friction.  

On a positive note though whenever we agreed actions with deadlines she always delivered and during the last week we really pulled together to submit the boards. 

We were able to reach agreement on the design direction and tone of voice early on in the project.  Overall we planned and coordinated the project effectively.  We were both happy with the outcome we submitted a couple of days before the deadline.

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