Thursday, 3 May 2012

Logo development

Following the Concept Crit Luke gave me a wakeup call as I had been so focusued on trying to make the Guitar School as Contemporary as possible so it would not look too obvious or corny that I had lost sight of what the essence of the School is.

So back to the drawing board.  I asked a few of David's students what made them come to David.  The majority came because David creates a relaxed and friendly environment.  They learn to play songs they know straight away.  Also David has an extensive knowledge of Contemporary music for the last fifty years and also a huge music and record collection.

I had an idea of using a Vinyl style font to connote he musicology side of the Guitar school.  This then developed furtehr after my Contextual research led me to "Research Designs' which Neville Brody is a partner in.

I found a typeface called Akka on DAfont which was quite a reto groovey font which resembled  vinyl.

I then tried developing a similar typeface myself as this one was not sharp enough.
I then stumbled on this on the Build website

I discussed some ideas for how we could structure the different levels in the guitar school.  We toyed with different musical terms, scales etc,  I then thought about how an LED equaliser is always green then yellow then red so thought this could be an interesting allergory ie the red is the highest level and loudest level when you really rock!

I compared the g on Trebuchet, News Gothic and Calibri.  The New Gothic seemed to 'fit' the best and I like the closed loop on the g.  I also liked the more rounded S shape compared to the other two

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