Friday, 25 May 2012

Evaluation product range and distribution

Evaluation of Product, range and distribution


Initially I had focussed on the briefs which had print based editorial outcomes as I wanted to make something and also wanted to test my typography skills.  As my PPD development has progressed I find myself being engaged with Branding and Identity and I can envisage this is a good direction for me commercially.

The Brief

My husband, David runs a guitar school and has been asking me for some time to re-brand the school.  Following a conversation with him we were discussed the possibility of a journal for the students.  Also he has started taking the business into primary schools and as a result needs some promotional material suitable for Schools, Head teachers and parents.

The outcome

I have asked several students and parents for feedback about the logo and prospectus and have received some very favourable comments.  The kids think its ‘cool’ and want a t-shirt!  The parents think it is representative of David and the school.

Learning outcomes

This has been challenging in terms of limiting the ‘range’ of what I could achieve within this brief.  Also the whole project has led to us developing the business as well and it has been difficult to keep focussed on the Module dead line.  I have kept reminding myself that this is the foundation and now the work can continue.

I have also challenged my practical skills by applying some book binding techniques.

The other challenge has been trying to produce something special whilst still being able to reproduce the prospectus/journal and leaflets economically.  I have accommodated this by designing products for the brief and then sourcing cheaper short run digital printing for the real products.  Going forward I plan to screen-print the posters to keep costs down over the summer.


Overall the whole project has been positive in terms of contributing to a business that has real meaning to me and also in terms of the learning outcomes. My design direction is becoming more defined as I enjoy Branding and Identity and also the layout skills I have employed.

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