Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Prospectus further development

I realised on the Monday morning I was printing with James that the 10pt Trebuchet I had used in the prospectus however I wanted to get something printed to check the french folds,colours and general layout margins etc would work with the Japanese Stab binding.


I worked out how to quickly change all the point size copy from 10 to 8 in Indesign.

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I also was concerned about how David was going to reproduce these in the real world!  It cost me £9 to print this is the digital dungeon.  I have been pricing up some shortrun brochure prices as the other problem is the school wont need more than 100 copies.

I found a printer that will reproduce A5 brochures fro one copy onwards.

The Indesign layout was reasonably easy to adjust to A5 landscape.

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