Saturday, 5 May 2012

Ideas for binding the publications

I think the Guitar journal/practice book should ideally be able to be placed flat so that if the student wants to use to practice some music they can lay it flat on a music stand.  In this scenario a normal book binding is not the best solution.  If anything a ring bound folder may provide the most practical solution. The contents could be customised to each individual students and the student can also keep their own music in the folder.  From a cost point of view this could be low as we could customise a standard ring bound folder to suit.  Also each level could have the same folder with just the contents changing.  I had originally avoided this solution as it felt too 'generic' however ultimately its about what works best.  Also I found some customised folders on the Progress Pacaging which made me realise it still can be creative.

I have also considered having the contents printed on a range of leaflets and then bound together with a rubber band.  Again this gives the advantage of being able to customise content to individual student.  the downside to this is the student is at risk of loosing leaflets if they are not bound.

Another option that would give the publication a high-end feel could be to use a Japanese slab stitch or chicago/binding screws.  Both these solutions would work for the prospectus/look book but not for the journal as it would not lend itself to lie flat.

I also like the concertina pages for the Prospecus as below as you can use a contrasting colour inside.  The cost of course would be higher for this solution.  The book could be something David takes with him to schools to show the Head-teachers /Heads of music rather than actually leaving onsite.  There could be a leaflet accompanying to leave for information.

I've found a supplier of binding screws here

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