Thursday, 14 October 2010

Illustrator -alphabet soup notes

Colour modes -   CMYK - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key (black) - Print - 300 dpi
                         RGB - Red, green, blue - Screen - 72 dpi 

Illustrator produces vector art work which are made of lines.  Photoshop creates bitmap images(JPEG format) which are made up of pixels. (72 dpi pixels per inch).  Rasterizing a image is converting from vector to bitmap.

1. knowledge of interfaces
2. Create appropriate documents
3. Operate the pen tool to full capacity
4. Demonstrate different ways to manipulate typefaces

Preferences - can change the display size (mm.CM)
Pen tool exercise

To select more than one anchor point 'shift'

Use add or delete anchor point tool to manipulate shape.

Remover handles by clicking on them and pushing them back

When working with bitmap documents think about the dpi resolution.  To get image into Illustrator used 'place'
Create a trace layer and then lock original layer.

Check stoke colour and also fill colour,  The fill colour is disabled at this stage.

To reproduce more curvy letter forms

Use shape tool - Ellipse.  Ellipses crate shapes from the left corner.  If want to create an ellipse from the centre hold the 'alt' Key down.

Use selection tool to rotate.

The direct selection tool is to select individual anchor points.
Path finder allows to unite, intersect, combine and exclude(cut out) shapes.  Press shift and selection to select several shapes.  Ensure shape is at front.

To create a pattern
Set the fill colour to white
Draw a square ( Larger as can reduce later)
Create a pattern
Delete the existing colour swatch in the pallet
Drag and drop into swatch library

Can create own colour and pattern swatches.  In swatches can access the Pantone colour libraries.  Tones, opacity and gradients.

Common short cuts

SHIFT ALT select allows to drag a shape or image

CMD d - repeat
Cmd +/- allows to zoom in or out

Pen tool - shift created a horiontal/vertical line

Cmd Z - undo

Cmd ---> - Deselect

Practical work in class is below

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