Friday, 15 October 2010

Alphabet soup 2 - Initial development

In Photoshop I trimmed the serifs off a tall, thin fonts called 'Eccentric'

 I also tried elongating Century in photoshop.
I was finally brave enough to take pen to paper.  As Lewis said he liked Helvetica and tall simple fonts I started simply trying to elongate Helvetica, Tahoma and Orator.  This drew a blank on the inspiration front so started trying to change a Serif font instead.  I chose Modern as it has quite long serifs which were useful to use as guides creating the 'blocks'.

The 'W' circled was really effective and I returned to this idea later. I had dismissed the concept at this stage as the 'S' would not work under the same 'widening' rule.

The design sheets I submitted at the progress crit are above.  The conclusion at the crit was as I stated the font was too 'art deco' and/or feminine.  The crit group agreed that the 'w' on the first sheet was effective so I went away to work on this idea for other letters.

I tried a variety of blocking/patterns to fill the letters.  I was also struggling with what to do with the 'S' so I researched quite a few fonts for inspiration. Braggadocio was quite useful as it is a 'blocky' font.   

On Monday although over the weekend I had decided to go with just the 'outline' font Fred encouraged me to extend my experimentation.  I tried changing the perspective of certain fonts, making the 'X' height higher and lower and also played about with blocking out different areas.

As Lewis is quite driven by money I decided to use monetary/numerical symbols.  I chose $,£,%,.,!,I also chose speech marks"" to represent his 'gift of the gab'

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