Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Alphabet soup 2 - Outline font

Following the final crit I tried the font just as an outline font without the blocked in areas which I think is reasonably successful. 
I went on to seek advice from Jo at this stage as I still was not completely happy with the final outcome.  She had some useful suggestions and the actions from this discussion are noted  on the actual sheet.  The main point was to set some rules to apply across the font (where possible).  This was something of a turning point as the work after this proved much stronger.  The rules I came up with for the font were:

1. A blocked in area either the arms or counter, if two one blocked line, one thin line.
2. One wide block on the stemmed letters, if two stems then one block, one thin. 
3. One thin line either cross bar,cross stroke   
4. Exceptions the O is one blocked line.

1 comment:

  1. Lewis' evaluation of Lisa's font

    What personality traits do you interpret from the typeface designed to represent you?

    Strong, ambitious.

    I was quite reluctant at first with the sound of this typeface as from having quick looks it did start to look kind of jazzy and perhaps old time gangster style... However when i finally saw the final design with the coy black detailing i really loved everything about it. The fact the black could resemble something that everyone could see about me from the start yet there was so much white space ready for them to fill in what they would like to after getting to know me.

    Describe what you think of the typeface?

    I like the intricate design using light lines and then mixing it up with really thick bold sections on almost every letterform.

    In what ways is it effective and in what way is it ineffective of representing you?

    I think this typeface would really need to be shown in a title spelling something out really captures everything i believe Lisa was going for. I would have liked to see it all digital just because Lisa knows i like that.

    One last note i think the "W" works brilliantly.