Friday, 15 October 2010

Alphabet soup 2 - getting somewhere

I was reasonably happy with this verson of the A1 poster.  I just struggled to get the curves smooth especially on the 'J' and the 'Q'.  Drawing the A1 poster proved to be a challenge in terms of neatness as it was quite difficult to avoid smudging on the high quality tracing paper.  The layout of the letters also proved difficult and when I do this again I will pencil a grid in to use as a guide.

For the badge (size 90x45mm) when I tried to trace out Lewis's name smaller I found even using a fine liner that the small ink blots spoiled the line work.  On Thursday 14th we learnt some new trace and pen techniques in Illustrator which I found quite difficult to master.  I decide to try tracing the Modern font in Illustrator which proved quite succesful.

As I had run out of time to redraw the A1 poster I decided to submit the one above for the Final crit with a view to 'perfecting' the curves and the layout before the final submission in November.

The final crit and actions are described in my PPD blog.

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