Sunday, 3 October 2010

Alphabet Soup - Outcome for Group Crit

Friday 1 October

Due to the deadline looming this afternoon I decided to make the ten A6 outcomes a series following the development of  knitting the various 'K's together.  My outcome for the group crit was as follows:

There was only three in the group with the word 'knit', myself, Claudia and Sarah.  Our crit was with Jo.  I explained that I had gone off at a tangent with thinking about the traditional understanding of the word knit.   Also due to a misundersatnding when we were briefed a lot of students thought they could only explore one letter.

My favourite K was the Orator three colour k on the white background which the group agreed with.  The reason I prefer this one is it is so simple yet effective.  Jo commented she thought it could be beneficial to perhaps explore this concept with other letters and maybe try the acetate version.   She concluded that she felt I had achieved the brief as I had explored the relationship between meanning and typography.

Claudia had chosen to modify different fonts by changing four elements of each.  Jo felt whilst she had answered the brief she could have tried to explain the concept to the reader by including some dashed lines at the joins.  Sarah suggested she could try using colour.  I felt Claudia had attempted to come up with different fonts in a way a lot of the course group had not.

Sarah had chosen to use 'sewing' as her method as she said 'knit' made her think of handmade.  Her outcome was beautiful however Jo felt she had not fully answered the brief in terms of exploring typography.  We discussed methods that she could have used to rectifty this such as using an actuals typeface.

Following the group crit I decided to explore the idea further which I discuss the the next blog' final outcome'

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