Friday, 1 October 2010

Alphabet soup 'The penny dropped' Design development'

Thursday 30th Sept

I tried knitting together different materials/watercolour as below

It became clear when I spoke to Amber on Thursday morning I had somewhat gone off on a tangent with the traditional 'knit' idea however was starting to make progress by 'knitting' fonts together.  The interpretation for the brief was 'knit' as in join together.
Initially I tried tracing the 'knitted' together fonts however the resultant 'font' appeared to be a chinese font (as below)!

So I progressed my knitting fonts idea in Photoshop.  I tried making the fonts and the edge of the paper 'knit'.  I also tried 'knitting' the letter within the K  as below

The black background was effective so I  used gain This time I tried knitting gigi, rivana and scriptana together
I read the brief again and realised I should have been 'knitting' fonts together to form new fonts.

In photoshop I experimented with knitting first of all the same font in different colours.  I also played about with the opacity so the colours showed through each other. (Red +Blue = Purple).  I like the zig zag effect on the k and also how the colours mix to form different 'k's within the main body.
 I used the same idea with a yellow  background and adjusted the size of middle letter

From here I experimented overlaying different fonts.  I tried to find fonts that would fit within a Garamond bold font. I used Zapfino, Scriptana, monotype corsiva, Times new roman,Gill sans and Consolas.  I found the simpler san serif fonts the most effective for this exercise.  I used the colour yellow+blue = green.

I thought an interesting twist on this idea would be to print each font on acetate. 

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