Friday, 1 October 2010

Alphabet soup- initial design development

Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 Sept
The 'loop' link to knit lead me to research loop fonts.  I played around with the word 'knit' and the letter 'k' in Photoshop. as follows

This lead me to experimenting with 'knitting fonts together.  I used the 'paint brush' tool to achieve this.

Sciptina Pro (caps), Gigi (lowercase), 

The Scriptina Pro font is really loopy i tried following the flow of it with wool, as above.

I also played around with 'Knitting' words overlayed over the same font.
I did not know how to type text strings into a path in Photoshop.  I found a website which helped me understand this.  I used the scriptina pro capital font for this.

I also scanned a jumper so I could play about with 'knitted' imagery in Photoshop.

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