Sunday, 1 May 2011

Speaking from experience - Brainstorm and Rationale

Five problems I have encountered since I was offered a place:
  1. Getting a balance between GD and life
  2. Putting things off
  3. Not blogging everyday - leads to a backlog
  4. New software - No time to practice
  5. Keeping the pace
Five things I want to make:
  1. Kinetic type moving image
  2. Hand drawn type moving image
  3. Well laid out double spread
  4. A clever poster - intelligent and witty
  5. Stickers
Five subjects/themes I am interested in dealing with:
  1. FEAR - For everything a reason. Forget everything and remember. Play abot with this Ian Brown song offering advice
  2. How to engage /see the relevance in CTS? Timeline?
  3. The importance of everything on the course
  4. Experiment/make mistakes
  5. Top ten tips? Now thats what I call Graphic Design

We discussed our five problems with a partner, mine was Mitch.  It was interesting speaking to Mitch as although we have spoken it has not been on this level.  He was really honest about his feelings of loneliness when first starting.
We then had to discuss five methods of solving the problems and then five methods of deivery (orange).

From this work we then each had to chose two problems which we wanted to solve:

1 Egos - How to stop your ego getting in the way.
2 Getting a balance between GD and life

For each of the problems we then had to write a Problem analysis - rationale.  We swapped these with a partner, mine was Yfet.

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