Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Speaking from experience - Method of delivery

Following the crit I reflected on the fact Emily and Ben did not think I had explained how to get out of your comfort zone.  I thought by saying Let go of what you think you know, fear of failure, experimenting etc I was explaining 'how to'.  However their comment meant I had to reinforce this somehow. 

I had toyed with the idea of how to incorporate the research and fact that 50 % of the students I surveyed regretted not stepping out of their comfort zone.  

Also I thought how could I encourage students and remind them throughout the year to step out of their comfort zone.  I thought what would a students have with them throughout the year like maybe printing the rules on a fabric for a pencil case or notebook.  Or maybe digitally such as wallpaper or a screen saver.  

The communication could even take the form of a test/challenge during each brief to ensure the student is hitting the Design magic criteria.

However due to the timescale available I decided to use paper to extend the concept further. I looked at producing some type of booklet or perhaps some laminates for on the lanyard. 

In Indesign I tried to design a booklet which would have 'steps' down the side incorporating the circles however I could not work out how to design the circles so this effect wold be achieved:

As I had decided there were seven steps to step out of your comfort zone the simplest solution was a hotdog fold book.  To link the Moving Image I used the same zone, circle images and messages.  To reinforce what these mean I added various comments, most of which underline what various students quoted to me in my primary research..  To incorporate the 'step' idea I added tabs.   I used Photoshop to design the images then Indesign to design and print the layout.

The final hot dog fold books are reasonably successful I tried printing them out on different stock weights and colours.  Also I tried the format A4 and A3.  The most successful was actually using the A3 paper in the Mac suites as the weight is not too heavy so the folds are neater and the tabs line up the best. I like the contrast of the bright white paper with the vibrant colours.  Although the A4 look appealing I think the A3 ones are more readable.

To take this a step further I use the same design to create some laminates for the lanyard.
Overall I think the lanyard with the moving image and the laminates works the best as a final product.  The USB is a hook (freebie) and the student will carry this around with them which could act as a reminder of the 'step out of your comfort zone'. It also as connotes good times ie Lanyards and festivals.

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