Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Indesign - Chris Lawson further research

Given Chris's enjoyment of music I thought I would write the article with a Music/Rock angle.  I asked Chris to give me his top five Albums, songs and bands.  This is the result (79 words):

Top 5 albums
1.       Muse – Absolution
2.       2 Arctic Monkeys – Whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m not.
3.       3. Pendulum – Hold your colour
4.       4. Arcade fire – the Suburbs
5.       5. Metallica – Master of puppets
Top 5 songs
1.       Muse- Born
2.       Metallica – One
3.       Queens of the Stone Age – No-one knows
4.       Kasabian – Club foot
5.       Arcade Fire – The suburbs
Top 5 bands
1.       Muse
2.       Artic monkeys
3.       Kings of Leon
4.       Kasabian
5.       Metallica

To add more substance beyond the inerview I have also been looking at Chris's blog.  This has helped me understand what design Chris likes and also given me some insight into how he feels reading his evaluations.   Chris is drawn to very simple intelligent design.  I am really impressed by the work he did on What is a line and the fact he used his initiative to book himself for a laser cutter induction.  In fact this has actually made me realise how we have all grown in confidence so much this last few months.

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