Monday, 25 April 2011

What is a line - Hand Drawn moving image

With this brief I had always intended to do something hand drawn.  I feel the digital moving image is far superior to a flip book as you can reinforce the line movement with the audio.  I have traced then finished off with hand drawing thirteen images from the Use somebody video.  I have run out of time to do anymore at this stage.   I have tried to keep the lines as simple as possible.  The thirteen images are across 130 frames so I should achieve a 4 or 5 second piece.

The finished moving image was disappointingly poor however what it demonstrates is how important just a single line can be.  I had traced the outline to try to get the position and frame correct however just getting the mouth and hairline wrong totally changes the face.  If I had more time I think I would try to simplify the line drawing even further to see if this is more effective or even just focus on the hand movements and guitar.  Also the video only has 13 frames which is too few to achieve any realistic movement.  I would spend more time perfecting the line drawings and do more.

I think of all the tests I carried out the most successful was the final live trace as I was able to copy all 29 frames per second and also the line were perfect to the position of the action.  Also because the frames were in the same sequence and timing as the original video I was able to synchronise the audio perfectly.

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