Monday, 18 April 2011

What is a line -Idea development

I started off by doing some simple free hand line drawings from primary source.  I tried using soft pencil, graphite crayon and pen and ink

I also tried really quick 2 minute sketches such as the one below

By converting the video to jpegs using Quick time player I produced these contact sheets of a 10 second segment of the video.  This video was recorded in 29 frame per second so I selected one frame every 24 frames.

Initially I tried tracing these over each other to see what kind of movement this created

A better effect was achieved by slightly overlapping them.

I then experimented actually exaggerating the movement even further which again worked reasonably well.  I particularly liked the yellow, cyan, magenta and orange one.

I also tried creating a line using wax crayons.  I then painted over these with water colours.  The second image looked quite effective however I can't get enough definition with the line to create a moving image using this method.

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