Monday, 18 April 2011

Do day and paper girl

The preparation for DoDay had to be carefully planned as we were screen printing a lot of the promotional material.  As we were funding this ourselves we set a budget of £30 (£15 each) so that we were not tempted to take this too far.  We decided to make 50 Do Day bags.  We had tried to gauge how busy the event would be by speaking to Laura Jordan but it was difficult to forecast.  Also with only Sarah and I to prepare it all resources were limited. To save time and money we decided to but the badges and stickers.  I actually sourced the badges and stickers online but they were actually based in Halifax (useful for future reference.)

This is the website:

This was an easy part of the process as we just had to upload the art work files on their site and they were delivered in 4 days.  The cost was £15.20 for 50 25mm badges and 30 35mm stickers.  We also purchased two t shirts at a cost of £3.96, 100 red balloons £4 and 50 red lollipops at a cost of £2.00. The screens cost £6 plus the brown paper which was really cheap.  We probably spend about £35 in total.  

As the venue was a good walk out of town we decided to hit Briggate with the Do Day bags to raise awareness of the day and also to promote the Papergirl exhibition.  Sarah had designed a blog for people to interact with and we also promoted the event on Facebook again.

  • The event was reasonably successful however as it was the Easter holidays there were not many students around.  
  • On reflection if we had more notice we would probably have been better choosing to do the opening day the week before or a weekend day.  
  •  Laura had said the place was 'just behind Primark' which i had taken literally and it was only when I dropped the posters and leaflets off on the opening day that I realized it was a ten minute walk behind Primark.  Again with more time we should have visited the place beforehand to work out the logistics.  the place was unlikely to get passing trade.  As it happened as we realised the place was so far out of time we decided to promote on Briggate.
  • The other learning point was although we saved money screen printing, the time taken to actually screen print adds up.  In the real world a Graphic Designer could not justify this time and would outsource the screen printing.  As it happened for Sarah and I screen printing again really raised our confidence using the facilities and getting to know the staff

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