Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Speaking from experience -My experience

List 5 things a first year needs to know:
  1. Get a locker, a cup and coffee.  Use kettle int he studio and save £10 a week.
  2. EXPERIMENT - \no-one is interested in what you were good at last year.  See what you are good at now.
  3. Blog everything everyday
  4. Dob't call the people lecturing 'teachers' they are tutors or lecturers
  5. Make time for CTS - it will help your design

List 5 problems a first year will encounter
  1. Managing time (badly)
  2. Meeting dealines (several at one time)
  3. Compromising - team/group work essential
  4. Printing off in the digital dungeaon when you have not planned/booked in
  5. Giving constructive feedback
List 5 rules a first year needs to learn
  1. Be on time (ten mins b4 time at least!)
  2. Attend all briefings,seminars and workshops
  3. Book appointments with James to print
  4. Don't eat in the studio
  5. Remember to still have fun

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