Tuesday, 27 September 2011

What is good - Concept & Rationale

I have focussed from English apples even more, to a particular variety called a'Sweetie' apple.  This apple is being introduced to British orchards Nov 2011 with the first harvest Sept 2012.

So the concept will be Good is.... The English 'Sweetie' apple.

As I have carried out the research it has struck me that the apple 'success' stories have had not just huge promotion but have also had a brand/identity.

The rationale will be designing a Brand/Identity for the English Sweetie Apple which has the potential to compete with the imported 'Pink Lady' brand. This may include considering the Packaging and Promotion as well. 

What am I trying to communicate?
Introduce a new variety to the English market which can hold its own against imports and the fact it has not travelled up to 11,500 miles before you eat it.

What do I hope to achieve?
Change learned behaviour and buying habits towards English apples

How will I use Design and print?
Design a 'logo' and strapline that represents the Sweetie brand.  Use this to create promotional information and packaging.  Investigate innovative food packaging as another promotional tool when introducing a new product to the market.  Educate and inform


Well educated aged 25 - 50 years old.  

What is already out there and how can I use this?

I have started researching Le Crunch for French Golden delicious and Pink Lady.  Pink Lady launch their apples into a country with huge campaigns and I am going to look into this more closely.  there websites are selling a lifestyle not just an apple.  Identify precisly what people like most about Pink lady apples.  I have also found some interesting international research carried out by a NZ apple cultivator about why people buy apples.  I am going to consider this more closely to see if this can inform my outcome.
Current convention is to label apples and the labelled apples seem to say 'premium' to people... 


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