Thursday, 22 September 2011

Ideas on Where to focus the apples research

1.  Look at the new variety being introduced called "Sweet'
2.  Investigate the Laser printing on apples
3.  Wash label off, wash pesticides?
4.  Look at promotional campaigns for British apples currently carried out eg Food Festivals,
5.  Understand thee Pink lady campaign introduction to British Market
6.  Contact English Apples and Pears
7.  How to break learned behaviour ie I hate English apples syndrome?
8.  Look at other Brand launches for products and food
9. Ideas for symbols
10. Look at current apple packaging and display pros's and cons' etc. 


Breaking learned behaviour
Launching new brands into competitive markets
Book in with James 17 October
Consider other fruit/food/veg packaging
Maybe a plastic corrugated box package

Costs v benefits? 
How tennis balls are packaged?

Pictures of Kanzi, Braeburn, Royal Gala and Jazz.

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