Thursday, 29 September 2011

Concept - Lateral thinking workshop

A workshop in lateral thinking.

Good is .......The English Sweetie Apple

1 What makes it good?

  • Grown in English orchards
  • Travels a short distance before you eat it
  • Picked one day, eaten the next - 'FRESH'
  • Pedigree -Cross between a Gala & Braeburn, sister of Jazz
  • Sweet, Crisp & Juicy
2 Who would find it good?
  • Apple eaters who want to source locally
  • Sellers who want to source locally
  • 'Sweetie' may appeal to children
  • Sellers who want a product with a long shelf life
  • Apple eaters who go for 'good lookin' apples
3.Who wouldn't find it good?
  • Adults aged 21 to 50 who have learned through experience that they dislike British apples
  • Sellers who may not take a risk on a new product
  • Adults aged 21 to 50 who don't eat or like apples
  • Adults aged 21 to 50 who buy their favourite variety and don't like change
4.The English Sweetie apple is so good it is be better than a Pink lady apple because:
  • Fresh
  • Not travelled between 5000 and 11,500 miles before you eat it
  • Grown in English orchards
  • English apples have less pesticides and fungicides due to strict regulation by DEFRA and FSA
  • Its better looking
  • Available between Sept and December
  • It supports English orchards and ecosytems (Bees)
5 If my Sweetie apple had a profession it would be :
  • An Olympic athlete
  • A Super Model
  • A Grandslam Tennis player
  • A premiership footballer
  • A Navy seal
6 if my Sweeties apple was a celebrity they would be:
  • Pippa Middleton
  • Kiera Knightly
  • Bonnie Wright
  • Gemma Arteton
  • Elle Macperherson
7 If my Sweetie apple were a place they would be :
  • Kent - The garden of England
  • The Forest of Bowland
  • Herefordshire
  • Harrogate
  • Palperro
8 If my Sweetie apple were an event it would be
  • The London Half Marathon
  • Olham Athletic beating Manchester United
  • A Health exhibition
  • Celebrity Masterchef
9 If your good was a product what would it be:
  • IPhone 5

We then chose the 9 answers to focus and be more specific for a pin up.

Good is .... The English Sweeties Apple

1. Sweet, crisp & Juicy
2. Apple eaters who want to source locally
3. Adults aged 21-50 years who dont like/eat English Apples
4. Its grown in English orchards
5. An Actor
6. Kiera Knightly
7. England on a sunny day
8. I-phone 5

The re-thought list came out as follows:

Good is....An English 'Sweeties' apple
1. Sweet, Crisp & Juicy - Because it is 
2. Apple eaters who want to buy and eat local
3. Imported apple eaters with a favourite brand ie pink lady, Golden Delicious
4.  The Sweetie Apple is so good it is better than a Pink lady because it has not travelled 11,500 miles before your eat it
5. The profession an Olympic Athlete - Young, healthy and perfectly formed
6.  Bonnie Wright - Fresh faced, talented & Beautiful
7. The place would be Kent - The Garden of England in Autumn or Spring because Sunshine, 
8.  The event would be the London half marathon end of September- Promotes heath, wellbeing & fitness
9.  The product would be an Iphone 5 - The latest gadget on the horizon with new improved feature- Slick, shiney and New

From this we had to identify a brand or identity or logo relating to each statement or word.

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