Wednesday, 21 September 2011

What is good - Apples

We presented our Powerpoints to a small group.  My group was Matt, Dom, Liam and Chloe.  

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The feedback I received was 

We all know apples are good

What else is interesting about their good that hasn't been mentioned?

The diversity of apple products eg scrmpy. cider, juice and pies

Is there a flaw in the argument?
Matt said thats OK but I don't like British apples.

What process,scenarios or contexts might improve the potential impact of the concept?

Why the apple is interesting categorise taste, colour, shape use

How else might the concept be creatively improved?

Why don't we but British - Define why imported apples are popular

Lorenzo also suggested to think about narrowing the research further maybe looking at apple pests and diseases, 

The research and context for my presentation is detailed on my What is good blog.

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